Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Another blow

Yesterday one of our trucks was stolen. As an isolated incident I could manage this, but first of all this is the second vehicle stolen from our company in the past year. Secondly, we have had vehicle issues for a while because several of our other vehicles were crashed. We just managed to sort it out to a place where we were comfortable when this happened. I feel like this place is a zoo lately. What is going on? Why are we fighting this fight? Sometimes I think there is a fine line between trudging through the difficulty and being a fool. When is it just foolish to continue with this nonsense?

Contributing to my strife is that I am continually wondering which view of the universe is the actual one: Is the universe disorganized and chaotic, or does it have reason? In this sense I always ask myself, "What did we DO to deserve this?" and logically I answer, "Nothing, it just happened." But deep inside I still have this spiritual perspective that whispers something....something....something.  So which is it? I suppose if you or I had the answer we'd put religion out of business, among other things. I will continue to struggle with not knowing.

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