Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Work is Over

The weirdest thing about moving is quitting my job. I've never left a job like this. I've left because places have closed, or because school was going to be rough that semester, but this is the only really big job I've had, so leaving it really means I'm about to redefine my life. As those of you who know me would know, being a landlord has defined me for the past five years. I've had so many interesting, horrible, wonderful, confusing, heart-warming, soul-sucking experiences in my job that I can't help but come out different for it. So in honor of that, I'd like to post some things that I will miss greatly about my job:
  • Old Man Tenant For those of you who don't know who he is, he is a man who has lived at our building probably since the darn thing was built. He's probably senile, too. He was always coming in asking me to sell a diamon he found (read: chip of glass) or save some very important paperwork he was afraid someone was going to steal (read: a grocery receipt). But he had these lucid moments in between where he'd tell me about fighting in WW2. I did a little research and discovered that he did in fact fight in the War, so I have no doubt that these stories are real. I love those moments of lucidity.
  • The incredible generosity of some people Whether it was the retired school teacher who continued to be a mentor, the neighbor who paid the rent for someone in desperate need, or the countless residents I know who took in the children of relatives in hard spots, I have to say I was consistently amazed at the generosity exhibited by otherwise regular people. You all know who you are. And regular is an understatement for all of you.
  • All the cats Every few months a cat would come find me. I took the first one home with me, but with two in our little apartment, we were at maximum capacity, so I rehomed and sent to shelters about half a dozen more. Plus my other office visitors: The dog, the catterpillar, the BAT, the skunk... How much fun it was to go to work in the morning not knowing what sort of new friend I might find waiting for me.
  • Various psychotenants It must be said, there are a lot of really crazy people out there. Unfortunately, I probably talk about them the most because they made me the most insane. Sometimes it was just stupidity ("What's all this POLLEN all over my car? What are you going to do about this?") but sometimes it was a bit more scary (I was variously threatened for a slew of things like warning about making noise, or towing illegal cars). This is something I won't miss, but it's also what produces all my crazy stories, which I hope some day can be transformed into a book... or something...
  • Meeting new people I know this is cheesy. But you know never who or what will walk through the door! I met so many people from a couple of dozen countries in hundreds of different jobs. I'm so glad to have made those contacts (and I hope you keep in touch, you know who you are!)

Ok, so there's the sap about work. On the other hand, I am TOTALLY READY to start dealing with getting on the move! The next couple of weeks will be filled with organizing, storing and throwing away a LOT of stuff. I hope. Then we're on to Chile!